lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Algebra I Online resources

Official online resources for Algebra I website:

Linear Functions Unit:

Sketch functions without install any software

If you want to sketch a function, you don't need to install any software. Instead of install or buy any program, you can use one of the suggested websites:

  • Sketch functions in color. The generated graph can be downloaded.
  • The free version of this program doesn't permit to download the generated graph, but this page give more information about the Domain, Range and other properties of the graph.
  • Probably the easiest website to sketch functions.

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Plotting functions with Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is probably the best computational knowledge engine of the world.

With this engine we can generate the graph of different functions just only writting down the function on the main searchbar.

Open the next form and do the YOU TRY sections on it:

Here are some examples of functions in Wolfram Alpha:
  • A linear equation:  y=x-3 is
Plot the function y = 3x-2.
Where is the x-intercept? y-intercept?
  • An absolute value equation: y=abs(x-2) is  (inside the abs i can group more elements)
Plot the function g = |x|
In another, plot the function h = |x|+2
Compare both. What is the difference betwheen both functions (g and h)?
  • A parabola: y=sqrt(x-2) is (the sqrt group elements inside the square root) 
Plot the function . Indicate the Domain and the Range of this function.
  • A cubic equation: y=x^3+2x-3 is (^ means that x it is to the second, third, etc).
Plot the function . Indicate the Domain and the Range of this function.

Plotting functions with the FxSolver

1. Open FxSolver.
2. Search the required function to plot on the solver:
Linear equations 
Quadratic equations
Cubic equation
3. Clic on the button "SOLVE"
4. Specify the required values of the function that you want to plot.

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

Práctica con Geogebra y teoremas de triángulos

1. Inicia la descarga de Geogebra en uno de los dos enlaces siguientes:
Mientras la descarga se completa, continúa con el siguiente paso. Más adelante descomprimiremos GeoGebra pulsando el botón derecho sobre la carpeta comprimida y eligiendo "Extract all".

2. Abre la siguiente presentación y sigue las instrucciones en pantalla.

Review de teoremas